Gary C's Leather   Made in Libby, Montana

The holsters, pouches, and belts that we build for our customers have been finished with a Beeswax product.  We use and recommend SKIDMORE's products.  Whatever type of leather care product you choose, we don't advise using any conditioning products - including "Mink Oil" that soften and break down leather of your holster. Conditioners remove the natural oils in the leather.  A wax based cream or waterproofing will protect your leather and help your gunleather retain it's stiffness -- adding more durable years to your holster.

To clean your holster:  Using a soft damp cloth, avoid excessive wetting. Clean dirt and light soiling by rubbing gently. Your new holster has been sealed with a wax based cream/waterproofing, and over time you may find you need to reapply a layer of protection.  Apply a small amount of product, working it into the leather, let it dry and then buff it out.  Again: don't use any leather softening agents on the interior or exterior of your tooling leather product. Allow any damp or wet holster to dry thoroughly before storing it. Store your gunleather in a dry place.

Over time, you can maintain your leather with a quality leather cream product, and we recommend and sell SKIDMORE's in our eBay Store.     

Contact us with any questions or problems you may encounter with maintaining the finish on your gunleather. 

Leather Care