Some Comments from our Customers

Hello, Just wanted to tell you folks thank you
for making such a nice holster.
I received it on 3-9 and put my revolver in it til today
 and it is a perfect fit.
I like how thick the leather is and the stitching
around the holster is superb.
I'll be ordering from you's again
when I need another holster.
Thank You,

 ~~ M H  in Michigan

Thanks for accepting my offer Gary,
i am retired so I try to save where ever i can.
By the pictures and the reviews on your home page i am sure
it ts well worth the full price so I appreciate the savings.

 Received my holster in the mail today,
better than then I expected in all aspects.
MY S&W Shield rides high and close,
well above the shirt line of most shirts that I wear,
so great for concealment.
You do great work... Thanks again.

 ~ D D  in Washington

Hi Gary I had purchased a single mag holster from you
a year or two back for my m&p shield .40
And would like one for my glock 32 gen 4 as well!!!
Do you happen to make them in a single mag holster for that pistol?
 In the cherry color??? I absolutely love the one I have from you and
have tried a few others for my glock mags and they just don't even come
close to comparing to yours in form fit and function!!!!!!!!
Simply the best I have found!!!!!!!!!   Thanks a bunch,

 ~~ S R  in Michigan


 I just received my holsters and belt order
and I am so impressed!
The craftsmanship is outstanding!
The quality of the leather is remarkable.
It has surpassed all my expectations by a mile.
At a recent gun show I was searching for a new holster
and believe me, nothing came close to your work.
Thank you for the perfect companions
to my Blackhawk and my 45XDm.

~~MP  in Texas

Hi Gary!
I wanted to thank you for the awesome holster you sent.
I am very impressed and extremely pleased with your product!
And, I will be "seeing" you again! Thank you!
~~ER  in Washington

 Hi Gary,
The holster arrived today and it's PERFECT as expected.
You're the BEST! Thanks again,

 ~~TW  in Arizona

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know
how pleased I am with your holster!
It just arrived in the mail an hour ago.
The quality and craftsmanship is first rate!
For the price I will certainly be telling my friends and family about your product...
And most likely be ordering more for other firearms I own!
Thank you for offering a quality product for an affordable price!
Have a great day! 

~~ AS  in Ohio

I received the holster today.
It is going to fit GREAT.
Beautiful work. Thank you, 

 ~~ AM  in Alabama


I've been carrying a pistol for a living for 22 years.
I have been using primarily kydex rigs
for several years but knowing how small the Shield is,
I wanted a leather setup that would have a smaller
footprint for concealment.
I am so very happy with the Avenger
and double mag pouch that
I just received from you,
I just wanted to tell you your work is phenomenal.
Thank you!  

~~ VJ in Wisconsin
Thanks for the very nice custom work
on the holster & belt.
They look GREAT!!
  Thanks Again, 

~~ FN in California

The holsters and belt arrived yesterday
and I did as instructed and placed my 1911s in a freezer bag,
 then in their respective holster. They're getting acquainted.
 Incredibly well-made holsters, and the belt is one
that I'll wear anyway, not just with the holsters.
These holsters a mockery out of the more
commercial brands. You do very fine work
and I'm glad to see that making holsters
 (or anything) by hand is a craft that won't die.
Please put me on your list of satisfied customers.
Best regards,  

~~ AL  in Missouri


Gary, just received my double Glock 42
mag pouch you made for me.
It's exactly what I was looking for.
After a little break-in I know it will
become one of my favorites.
Thanks again, and I know we will be
doing more business soon.   

~~  BS in Missouri

Received your holster yesterday
and was very pleased by it.
Immediately put it on a 1.5” Crossbreed belt (tight fit & rightly so),
put a gun in it and immediately set about mopping
the floors of my house, first time in 15 weeks as I’ve been away
from home on a work assignment.
Cleaned two bathrooms and two bedrooms.
Sat down drank coffee, tried to watch the Republican debate,
got up, messed around in the garage,
took it off went to bed. Very comfortable set up.
I like how stout you build your holster
and the little extra coverage you provide to the muzzle.
This is going to make for a good field holster for me,
thank you. 

~~ RG, in Nevada

I just got back from a 10 day archery deer hunt
in bear country, even thou I was not able to
connect an arrow I had a great time.
So reason for this email is to tell you how pleased I
am with the holster you made for me. The thing fits
like a glove, unaware I was even wearing it.
The gun never moved while walking
sitting or riding the horse.
I just wanted to say what a great
product you make, keep up the great work
and hopefully you can pass down
your talent for many generations
to enjoy. I will be passing the word on
of your great products.
Oh ya and I am also glad I didn't have
to draw the revolver any time during my adventure ! 
Thanks again 

~~ EC  in Wyoming

Hi Gary, got the holster today,
good looking as usual, thanks again, 

 ~~ JM  in Connecticut


Gary. the holsters you made for me are all great.
The quality and craftsmanship are awesome.
I spread the word with the Smith and Wesson group,
and I would highly recommend!
I'm sure I'll be ordering again.
Thank you   

~~DF  in  Ohio

Gary C's Leather   Made in Libby, Montana

I recently bought one of your Avenger style holsters with the desire
 to carry my S&W M&P Carry 45 without sagging on the belt
 and other issues related to carrying a heavier pistol off duty.
  I am tickled with this holster. Of course, as with any CCW
 you need to use a good belt.
I attached this holster to a 1 3/4 wide garrison belt
 and it is a joy to pack.
Stays in place and doesn't pull my pants down.
Easy to reholster and very well made.
I think you belt attachment style provides this comfort.
 Just wanted to give you a nod for I can finally carry
my 45 comfortably. Just wish you offered
this holster for a Tokarev. Regards:

~~ Deputy CB in Colorado

Hi Gary:
Sorry that I haven't emailed sooner.  
I received the latest holster purchase (Dan Wesson/S&W K-L Frame) last week.   
 I've been terribly busy, but I wanted to send feedback. 
I am extremely pleased with both holsters and the magazine holder that I purchased from you.  
 I used to be pretty big in hobby leather crafting 25 years ago.
Your work is first-rate and the fit is perfect for both holsters.  
The Dan Wesson is a perfect fit.   
Likewise, my 7 shot S&W model 686 (large cylinder) fits this holster very well.  
It is just slightly a more tight fit than with the Dan Wesson. 
I will be contacting you again as the need, or desire arises.   
I always have 30 projects going at once,
so as I get back around to holster for my firearms I will contact you again.

~~Many thanks.  CA - in Nevada

 Gary, Got the rig in the mail today, and I couldn't be happier.
It's in a ziplock in the holster as I write this.
I have a couple friends that want to see this outfit so I hope it brings you some business.
You sir are a craftsman.

Many thanks. Best regards,
~~ J R in Washington


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I received my holster yesterday.
I believe that I've gotten why more holster
for the price I payed.
Thank You. You do great work.  

~~ HR  in Washington

My holster and ammo pouch have arrived
and HOLY COW !!!!!.
You my friend are a true craftsman and artist.
I was shocked at the quality, thickness,
finish, stitching, fit, everything.
it hugs nice and tight to me and my J frame.
the ammo pouch fits the speed strip PERFECTLY.
Galco, Bianchi, and the other crap you see at the
gun store isn't half as nice as your stuff and it
costs twice as much.
Holsters of lesser quality sell for much more $$$.
 if I may add my 2 cents you're charging a lot less
 than what your items are worth.
I have been searching all over for a perfect
holster and know what this stuff sells for, $100 + !!!!
for just the holster and I didn't like any of them.
 I very much appreciate the leather cream as well,
I plan to recommend your website to everyone
I know. again thank you so much
for such a great deal on my new gear.
take care and I hope to buy again soon.  

~~ BH in Illinois


Hi Gary,
 I agree with you on the length of the holsters
for the longer barrels.
his will be for the range only.
I have some older holsters that will accomodate this revolver,
but none fit as well or have the
craftsmanship of yours.
'm looking forward to seeing it.
Thanks again, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

~~ CV  in Massachusetts

Hello Gary,
I received the holster today and just wanted
to drop you a quick note to say what a great
piece of leatherwork.  I left feedback on EBay
 for you, but the pre-written line said "don't hesitate with Cory"? 
Damn, I don't know, maybe that's your last name? 
Anyway, I'm a thirty year Detective with the
Indiana State Police and will wear the holster
with pride while on and off duty. 
Two other Detective's in my office are anxious
to see the holster in person as they might
be ordering from you as well. 
Both have Colt Combat Commander's
and wear them daily as I do. 
Also, thank you for the gift of Skidmore's
leather cream.  Take care Gary.  

~~ MB in Indiana
Thank you for working with me on this belt issue.
We had family over for Thanksgiving dinner, and I showed
the guys your holsters. They were very impressed.
The only problem was they were leaving drool marks
on my holsters. I guess in a way, that’s a good thing.
Hopefully their interest will turn into orders for you.
I planted the seed, and the rest is up to them. 

~~ TF  in Texas

 I received the holster today in the mail on
the date indicated in your Ebay sale. It is well made,
a perfect fit and well priced. Can't find too many
store's or places on the internet that already
 has a model ready to ship for us south paws.
This holster will definitely last me a life time.

~~  RK in Washington

Hello Gary:
Received today( on my birthday).
Beautiful, thank you for the cream and tip sheet also. 
Beautiful craftsmanship.
Fits my Springfield 1911 like a glove.
Highly recommended! 

~~ JW  in Maryland

 Merry Christmas Gary!
Holsters arrived and they are awesome!!
I will get with you after the holiday
and order more for some other guns.
I intend to wear one on the job here in Arizona
and I am sure my colleagues will be jealous.
I will be sure to share your
eBay information with them.   

~~ MA in Arizona

Hello Gary.
Just thought I'd let you know how well your
avenger holster works in a real world gunfight,
I was at work wearing your carry rig
when A car pulled up and opened fire on me,
my glock was fast out of the holster with
a very smooth draw which enabled
me to return fire rapidly, no hang ups
or snags like some of my big name holsters,
because your holster worked so well I am
placing an order for another holster
for my other Glock, your customer service
is five star as are your holsters and belts,
your holsters are built to last forever
unlike my big name holster that came apart
after a year of daily use.
Thanks for making a great holster 

~~ DP in Florida

I ordered a holster from Gary C's leather for my
Colt 1911 Commanders Edition.
He said it would take a little longer than normal
because he didn't have a current "template."
Wow, "a little longer than normal" was still amazingly quick.
Within a week and a half, including weekends, the holster arrived.
It was one of their new IWB's.
I took it on a trip for a month to Nevada and
with a light coat of oil and a weeks time of daily wear,
 it was breaking in to the gun and contour of my body very well/quickly.
There was no discomfort, snagging or other negative flaws
with this holster. They were always in contact with me and
customer support was/is second to none.
This is the second holster I have gotten from Gary C's Leather
and it won't be my last. I highly recommend their products.

 ~~ CD  in Washington