Gary C's Leather   Made in Libby, Montana

Gary C's Leather  is a family run custom leather shop located in beautiful Northwest Montana.

My wife and I are the only ones involved in the production and sale of our holsters and leather accessories. We do all the work here in our own shop.

We sell high quality hand built leather holsters and accessories at a reasonable price - with quick, friendly, personalized service.

Each of the holsters has been Custom molded by hand to the REAL GUN it is built for - not a plastic or aluminum replica - and fitted to that gun throughout the production process.

While we do make other types of holsters, we specialize in high quality "Avenger Style" custom made holsters. We sell matching accessory leather for carrying ammunition, and basic matching belts.

We make Avenger style holsters for both semi automatics and revolvers.

 The Avenger holster is a high ride, neutral cant, OWB, open top, "half pancake" design. It utilizes two belt loops, with one loop that shows from a front view. When turned over, there is a "tunnel" loop directly behind the gun. With this system, when you tighten your belt the holstered gun is pulled tight against your body.

Our Avenger Holster is made from a very heavy, vegetable tanned leather. Our "XH" (eXtra Heavy leather) models are made from a thick 10-11 oz leather which provides a very STIFF, DURABLE, PROTECTIVE holster for your gun. 

Our holster provides a hard "shell" that maintains its shape and good retention on your gun.

Being leather, it will conform and "break in" to your own gun- much like a quality pair of heavy leather boots.

Gary C's Leather Avenger Holster

Gary C's Leather
619 Blue Mountain Road
Libby, Montana  59923
(406)  293-8860

We appreciate you taking the time to getting to know us a little better, and welcome any questions you may have, and look forward to getting to know you better!

     ~Gary & Peggy Cadwallader

When you purchase a holster/accessory leather from us, you can be assured that quality control has been a priority and is maintained from the time the leather is first cut to the time it is packed and sent to you.
The fit of each item is tested on the gun or magazine it is built for numerous times during production, then again during photographing and shipping.

We strive to provide quick, friendly, and personal service.

If you have need for a holster/accessories just fill out a contact form on this website, send us an email, or give us a call.

After determining if we can build it for you, we will add your order to our schedule. We will always let you know the time frame, cost and shipping charges up front, and send you pictures of the completed holster/accessories for your review.

If you like what you see, only then will we invoice you for your holster/accessories.  We will work with you to pay via PAYPAL, Major Credit/Debit Cards, or you can send us a check or money order.

We custom dye with a high quality finish product, and the final coating applied to your holster/accessory leather is a beeswax cream and waterproofing product, made by SKIDMORE's. This finish does not soften and breakdown the leather. 

We recommend SKIDMORE's or similar products, made from Beeswax and other natural substances, for this purpose. If you want to buff up and/or recondition your holster, you should NEVER use a "softening" type conditioner on this style of holster.